Geocaching: Search for Hidden Treasures at the Park

September 8, 2016

Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt?! Following a map, searching for clues and discovering “treasure” is exciting stuff, no matter your age. A modern day version, otherwise known as geocaching, has grown in popularity over the years. Geocachers, both new and experienced, are invited to discover Seneca Lake Park and then search for seven new geocaches hidden around Park Side Campground and Marina Point Campground.  To make things a bit more challenging, several geocaches are hidden in areas that are only accessible by boat!  Geocachers can use the public boat launch for personal boats or can rent a pontoon or fishing boat from Seneca Lake Marina. More information about boat rentals in available at Seneca Lake Marina

Geocaching is a fun, unique way to get people outside. It is basically treasure hunting with global positioning systems (GPS). Geocaches can use a smartphone or a handheld unit. A geocache (commonly a small box) is placed in a specific location and the coordinates are listed on GPS users then use a cache’s coordinates to help locate the actual cache. The caches typically contain a small variety of trinkets. Users are expected to take one item, leave one item for a future user, sign the logbook, and then return the cache to its original location.

Anyone interested in placing their own geocache at Seneca Lake can submit an application for placement. For more information and to view the MWCD geocaching guidelines, download the Geocache Placement Application.  

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